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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 15, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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breaking news, three prince george's county poce officers are arrested today in a two-part investigion by the fbi. the police chief says the officers tarnished the badge for their own greed and personal gain. this is the second stabbing in three days involving prince george's county officials. from catching criminals to copireing with criminals, that's the charge leveled today by the feds. good afternoon. we'll get to the arrest of officers in a minute. first breing news, before tonight's big monday night football game between washington and philadelphia. >> quarterback donava mcnabb will be wearing the bgundy and goal for several more years. mcnabb agreed to a five-year, $78 million contract extension. parently he is now okay with getting benched two weeks ago. dan healthie and lisay czarniak will have more at 5:00. now back to our top story. three prince george's county police officers are among nine
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people arrested by the fbi on corruption and drug trafficking charges. the officers worked for the prince george's county police department. the officers are identified as 45-year-old sergeant richard delabrer, 42-year-old corporal chong chin kim, and 25-year-old officer sinisa simic. chris ward joins us live with the latest on this breaking story. chris? >> reporter: three prince george's cnty police officers and six civilians from maryland and virginia were arrested this morning. this afternoon they were brought here to th federal courthouse in green belt, maryland and tonight, they are being held in custody. it all began early at six a.m. with raid conducted by approximately 150 law enforcement officers. they made arrests and executed search warrants. this warn at the hope of prince george's county sergeant richard delabrer. he is charged along with
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corporal chong kim with taking moy from the owners of the liqu store to transport untaxed tobacco and alcohol. in all, seven people are charged with conspiring to commit extortion by interfering with commerce. a second indictment charges two men including police officer sinisa simic with distribution of cocaine and the use of a gun in drug traffickin this afternoon i asked the maryland u.s. attorney if these cases are connected in any way with friday's arrest of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. >> we have ongoi a series of related corruption charges in prince george's county. we're not going to talk about what if any connections there might be among these connections. as i mentioned, we have a lot of folks talk to now that these investigations have been made
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public. and we have a fair amount of information and evidence that we've gathered and the folks that we plan to talk to. they don't know what we know and they would like to keep it that way. the u.s. attorney's office says this is an ongoing investigation. he expects more charges and more arrested. we're live at the u.s courthouse in green belt, maryland. back to you. >> thank you, chris. we are specking the police chief to hd a news conference to talk about the arrests of the officers today. we'll take that live as soon as it happens. now to the other scandal in prince george's county. he's wearing an electronic monitoring devi on his ankle and he is back at work. prince george's county executive jack johnson was back in the office after his friday arrest today after sying inside his house all weend, he left early this morning to return to work. his wife avoided questions, but before getting into his car,
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johnson took aoment to talk with reporters. >> i can't comment on the case, you know tha i just want to say that i'm doing really, really well. my family, we are all up lifted. we've got a long road to hoe. >> johnson and his wife leslie who was recently elected to the council county council are both facing federal kickbk charges. they're accused of taking bribe for favorable treatment. he said he will finish his final three week in office until the new county executive-elect takes the helm. and baker plans a press conference tonight at 9:00 he's been silent since friday's after johnson. we'll have the news conference live as it happens right here at 5:00. it's been another pivotal day in the chandra levy mrder trial in d.c. superior court. two of the four remaining charges have been dropped
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against the defendant. ingmar guandique. the prosecutors y they dropped the kidnapping and attempted robbery charges. he is still facing first-degree murder charges. guandique is accus of attack levy as she jogged in rock creek park in 2001. today he told the judge he does not want to take stand in his own defense. that means the trial is down to its final witnesses. closing arguments could begin in this case as early as tomorrow. today, jurors also heard the 911 call that was made when levy's body was found. pat collins will have more on that story coming up at 5:00. a whole lot of activity on capitol hill. congress returned for a la duck sxegs the incoming freshmen from the next term were also on the hill for ientation. there were some surprises and an rly victory for tea party activists. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: here come the tea partiers. rand paul of kentucky, marco rubio of florida, and the 11 other new republican senators
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who take office in januar were on capitol hull toay. >> this is going to be a huge improvement. >> reporter: in a starting move, senate p leader mcconnell caved into a tea party demand. he'll ban republican ear mark to pet projects that can drive up the deficit, a move he opposed until today. >> earlier this month, voters across the country that -- >> the commander of the public affairs of the police department -- >> talking about the arrests of three officers today. >> robbo hilton. accompanying him are our deputy chiefscolonel davis and mcgall and acting colonel preston. chief hilton will speak with the indictments of our three police officers. chief hilton? >> thank you. good afternoon, everybody. i'm outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonstrated by three of our office here's tarnished our
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badge for their own greed and personal gain. i applaud the u.s. attorney's office, mr.rosenstein, special agent in charge fr the federal bureau of investigation, and miss sparkman from the internal revenue rvice, and all of our federal partnersor their efforts to clean our department from outside as i continue to clean it from inside. since the beginning of my administration, i've terminated officers and employees for misconduct we will continue to work with our federal law enforcement partners to address the problem of miscondu. in fact, an internal affairs starting from our agency is part of the fbi anti-corruption task force that investigated these officers. i was made aware early on of
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this investigation and i told the members of the fbi that i did not wish to know the names of the targets until the conclusion of the investigatio when we were notified by the fbi of the indictments of our officers, we facilitated their physical arrests this morning. each arrest was made without incident and all the officers involved will be suspended without pay. we also placed uniform officers at all locations where search warrants were being conducted by the county of the federal bure over investigation. we will continue to freeway fbi with any assistance required in the continuance to the point where it will be concluded. the majority of the officers are members and employees of this agency areard working peep. who put their lives on the line every single day to the service
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ofhis community. we hole our oicers to the highest standards and expectations. and let me say one more thing. to those who are organized and providing information to mislead this communicate, mislead this police department, we're going to serve notice that this is not acceptable to mislead to media regarding any incidents or the performance of this agency. we will not tolerate any mistrust or deterrence of this badge asong as i'm chief of police of this police department. thank you. >> [ inaudible ]. >> police chief roberto hilton in prince george's county responding today to the indictments and arrests by federal authorities of three police officers charged in the scheme involving drugs, guns,
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alcohol, and cigarettes. he is saying he is outraged at their disgraceful conduct. >> we'll have team coverage comingp at 4:30 and 5:00. we have another news conference coming up from the governor-elect. he said he was outraged but pledged cooperation. let's listen in as the police chief takes more questions. >> i wanted this to be abe board which i've done. well, this isolely a federal investigation. it will be inappropriate for me to comment involving the direction of the case. my hope is that the case will be continued to be investigated until the conclusion is made.
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that question was asked of the federal investigators and i think it is only appropriate for that groupo make any comments regarding that. the police chief taking questions there in prince george'sounty. he issued a warning to those who might mislead as this investigation unfolds. we'll have much more at 5:00 tonight. if you are plaing to go to the game, should you layer up tonight? >> that's the question. we've had fog, some clouds rolling in. veronica johnson has your monday night football forecast. veronica? >> that's right. you will at least need a jacket for tonight. the temperatures won't dp dramatically. we'll see them ease on down. and your forecast then, 8:30 kickoff time ase tea the eagles. 53 degrees. calling it cool jacket weather. overcast skies and that rain should hold off until we get to about 11:00 p.m. or midnight. you're right.
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it has been cloudy most of the day toy. and temperatures have been right near average for mid-november. 57 it is right in the district right now. we've got otr locations like foggy bottom also at 57 degrees. great falls and fairfax city at 56. you've dropped one degree. and 55 in warrenton. largo at 56 degrees right now. a north easterly wind. lots. clouds across the area and that lane not be too far away. areas of extreme south western virginia will drop to 51 degrees by 11:00 p.m. so on your fast forecast, a dry cloudy evening. rain and fog, too, developing during the overnight period. then once we get rid of the rain or start, to the wind will pick up. we'll look at the week's forecast in a few minutes. when we come right back, the social in box. facebook founder mark zuckerberg announces a major addition to the site. > wedding was call off at the
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two weeks after her ex announced he was getting married, she said she is also tying the knot. >> the a.p. reports simpson is
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engaged to eric johnson. he plays f the 49ers and the new orleans saints. it will be a second marriage for both simpson and hnson. earlier this month sison's ex-husband announced he is marrying his long time girlfriend, vanessa. rmer president bill clinton was spotted in a movie original a movie set in bangkok over the weekend. >> check out these pictures from tmz. that's bill clinton on the left. he is playing himself in the cody, the hangover ii. there was an extra security presence on the set as mr. clinton shot this cameo sunday. he isn the replacement for mel gibson. he also isn't the only cameo. it look like liam neeson has also signed on. it is being referred to as the g-mail killer in some circle. facebook's founder says it is thnew platform and it will be much more than that. >> our reporter has the late
4:17 pm
on the major messaging announcement from facebook today. >> reporter: they've already got half a billion users in the fold and now facebook is trying to give those users more reason to stay the. today the company introduced a new messaging platform called project titan that introduces facebook-mail as one part of a larger messaging mix. >> what we expect is that more people will i.m. and more people will message and more people will engage in it because it is simpler and easier. >> reporter: there has been speck playing the new platform with you was a potential g-mail killer. zuckerberg down played that overall. >> we this simpler ki of messaging will be how a lot more people will shift their communication. we'll see how that happens overtime. if we build a good product that people want to use, people will use it. >> privacy issues that have dogged facebook could give users pause about sharing even more personal informing.
4:18 pm
for others, the ability to pool internet commucation from various sources into one home on facebook could have strong appeal. the average person using facebook is now going to notice that they can just say, e-mail me at user name at and then they basically never have to leave facebk ever. >> reporter: and more time spent on facebook means less time spent with its internet competitors. nbc news. a technology mystery tomorrow morning. apple's website has a he's the order its home teenage talking about an announcement at 10:00 a.m. regarding i-tunes. tomorrow is just another day that you'll never forget is how the page ads. techies beeve the announcement may involve an i-tune service that would allow users to stream music from any connected device. there are reports that apple has run into a little trouble with content providers for that service. the sex auction of bernie madoff stuff brought in $2
4:19 pm
million. a 10.5 karat ring sole over the weekend for more than half a million bucks. will sold thou, madoff's monogram slippers. and check this out. 11 pairs of madoff's boxers and 200 pairs of his sks. they went for $1700. >> who wants aybody else's socks? >> not to mention his. the family of colorado spring was all set for a huge wedding over the weekend. >> with the only thing that remain was for max shaffer to walk his younger daughter down the aisle. sadly it didn't work out. the marriage was called off at the last minute. the bride was ft with a broken heart the day before the wedding. she turned her thoughts to others. she said she wanted to take care of people who have fewer blessingthan she. less than 24 hours later, the shaffer family hosted dinner for 150 people who were bud in from salvation army shelters.
4:20 pm
>> a warm meal on a really cold night. and hopefully it makes for a nice november and a kickoff for the holiday season. matt schaefer said his daughter has always been a giving person. and so her decision did not surprise him. but he is naturally very proud of her. >> none of the food or decorations or arranments went to waste. >> exactly. coming up, the world's tallest building. now up for sale. >> and a 13-year-old girl kidnapped a week ago is found alive now. the search is on for her family which is also missing. >> we could have asked sebody. that's just not us, to ask somebody to do such a big favor. ♪
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it is the tallest building in the world. a symbol of the global real estate collapse and it is having a fire ale. it is in dubai and it stands 2700 feet tall. almost twice the height of the empire state building. it has a great view on the
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observation deck. months after opening, the building is mostly empty because of the dned economy. wow! >> i would probably get a nosebleed. >> that, too. >> it has really cool off here. >> really cooled off. although for right now, the temperature running an avege in mid-november. we're not complaining. not complaining either about the temperatures that we've got coming up the next ur, even the next seven days. as i said, there is no brutal cold that will be hitting us. this was earlier today. we had to wk hard to see the breaks in the cloud cover. the fountains going right there. lots of cloud cover across the area. temperature at 87 degrees. the winds, calm. your dew point at 45 degrees.
4:25 pm
early this morning, plenty of moisture around the ar already. the winds were calm so we did have some fog. clinton over prince george's county, down to a quarter mile visibility. we'll see the same thing by late tonight and early tomorrow morning. 51 is the temperature by 11:00 p.m. we'll have some light showers developing. about 11:00 pm. to midnight. rain for early tomorrow morning at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. that rain will continue through the day. 48 to 49 degrees. early morning temperature. so not that cold considering what we've had already. look at areas to the south. 69 degrees. new orleans. 57 degrees in memphis. a little bit of a chilly spot there. denver at 41 degrees. but the northern rockies getting some snow. one thing we're not seeing, really again, any brutal cold across the nation. it is an active weather pattern. there is low pressure across the south. already some rain around roanoke, virginia, and around
4:26 pm
danville. look at that moderate to heavy rain. montgomery, mobile, abama. you folk in leesburg in the 50s. we're not going to get that but width the system moving through, we'll pick up a quick third to about a half inch of rain by the time it moves out. very early wednesday morning. 44 to 49. tchy fog. you know what that mean for traffic. 60 is the high for tomorrow. 63, but a ndy 63 for wednesday. >> thanks,veronica. still to come on news4 at 4:00, the tsa defends the controversial pat-downs at airports. and a local couple is planni a very special delivery after the wife could not become pregnant, she got a phone call
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welcome back. >> three prince george's county police officers have been arrested today on corruption, drug trafficking and firearms violation. they are among nine people arrested in an fbi investigation.
4:30 pm
two officers are charged in the scheme involvi untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. one is accused in a cocaine distribution operation. >> prince george' county executive jack johnson was back in the offic today with his electronic ankle monitor. on friday, johnson and his wife leslie were arrested on federal kick-baccharge. the two were accused of taking bribes from developers in exchange for favorable treatment. johnson said he plans to finish his last three weeks in office. >>today prosecutors at the chandrlevy murder trial dropped two more charges against the defendant, ingmar guandique. he still faces first-deee murder charges. closing arguments in th trial could begin tomorrow. guandique will not take the stand in his own defense. >> on wall street, the stoc market gave out earlyains to end up mixed. the dow was up nine points. the nasdaq dropped four. the s&p 500 closed down about a point to 1197. if you plan to travel during
4:31 pm
the busy holiday season, things might look a little different with the security checkpoints this year. the tsa has rolled out more full body scanners and more personal pat-wns. some of the passengers say this is an invasion of privacy. the government insists it is keeping passengers safe. >> reporter: trish travels every week but says the tsa took it too far recently when she opted for a pat-down instead of ing through full body scanners. >> when she went up my legs and used her hand to go up my skirt, that's when i freaked out. >> reporter: officers now sometimes use the front of their hands in a more vigorous search. some passengers call it molestation. official insist, it is about safety. >> we could be on a plane where somebody is prepared to blow themselves and us up unless there is such a pat-down. >> reporter: almost one week afr this man tried to bring an airliner down with a bomb concealed in his underwear,
4:32 pm
officials are faced with trying to search those private areas. many airports now use full body scanners. technology some call invasive. >>e want them to see our bodi unclothed. that doesn't seem to be appropriate either. >> reporter: there are privacy prections built in. the person who sees the image is not even at the gate where you go through. >> the images aren't saved. others worry about radiation. officials insist levels are lower than what praeng exposed to inflight. and they've also watched their see something, say something campaign encouraging passengers to report anything out of the ordinary. >> what some are saying is tre is nothing ordinary about the trip through airpo security these ys. some are now calling for congressional hearing on the matter. antime some organizations are calling for an opt out day urging passenger make a date to refuse to go through the full
4:33 pm
body scan machines on the day before thanksgiving. a move that cod slow down security lines on one of the busiest travel days of the year. new body scan technology is being used at 65 airports nationwide. there is glitz, there's glamour and a whole lot of country for the reopening of the iconic gaylord opry land. it closed because of flooding six months ago. the flooding caused $600illion in damage and more than 1700 employees were damaged. gaylord began rehiring them in october and now the hotel is fully staffed once again. the building is also decked out with a new long playout. five restaurants and more than $2 mllion christmas flights. a local woman recently got some devastating news that having a baby might put her life at risk. she thought aption was perhaps her only option until she got a phone call that would change her
4:34 pm
life forever. doreen gentzler has the story. >> my lifelong dream was kind of shattered. >> reporter: for kristen and adam, the dream s to have a baby. >> we had talked about it from day one. >> reporter: but she has cystic fibrosis that make it hard for her to breathe at times. doctors will her carrying a baby could kill her. >> they're very fearful that it would complicate her cystic fibrosis and make her sicker. >> reporter: the endocrinologist told them, their only option for a biological child was a gestational carrier. meaning another woman ideally a sister or close relative, who would carry an embryo from kristen and adam. this woman would be responsible for carrying their baby for nine months. >> we coun't ask somebody. that's not us to ask somebody to do such a big fare for us. >> the couple was devastated.
4:35 pm
they realized their only choit would be adopon. but then they got a fence call they never expected. kristen's best friend child who ha >> it is nine months. they've known each other since they were seven years old. they were neighbors who became instant best friends. jennifer was even a brides made in kristen's wedding. and now jennifer was calling to offer her womb to kristen and adam. >> being a mom is the best part of my life. that i know kristen is such a great person. she deserves the same tng. sni didn >> i didn't believe it. there is no way someone can actually do that for you. >> that one phone call out of the blue, she offered. and that was it. >> this is the sound of adam and kristen's unborn baby's
4:36 pm
heartbeat. when we visited this happy but nervous threesome, jennifer was 13 weeks pregnant. doctors say she is doing well and the baby's growth is on track. everyone is healthy. >> just a little speck to looking like an actual baby. >> cysteneral adam say they will be there for jennifer every step of the way for the doctor's appointments and medical expenses. >> i can't imagine this will tear us apart. if anything it will bring us closer together. >> kristen and adam are having a little girl, due in february. they've already decided on her name taylor mae. >> a best friend there. coming up, from the great outdoors to life as mom. sarah palin makes her reality tv
4:37 pm
debut. and three der rumble through a supermarket.
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> authorities in mexico believe a natural gas from a nearby swamp may have fueled the explosion in playa delcarmen that killed two people and
4:40 pm
injured others. five tourists from seen and two hotel employees werekilled. authorities are investigating whether it was properly constructed. it restedn a concrete slab over part of the swamp. a british couple kwere kidnapped and killed. they were sailing from the island nation last october. the pirates boarded their yacht. they were taken hostage and health for ransom this weekend. private donors including some in the somali governme paid up to $1 million for there are release. they are thin and exhausted but otherwise okay. >> i love my wife. i love my life. >> desperate to see our families and friends. so happy to be among decent everyday people. >> the chandlers spent 380ays in captivity. it i believed the piratesre
4:41 pm
holding many other hostages and more than 20 vessels for ransom. when news4 at 4:00 continues, sarah palin's realit show premiered last night. we'll look at what it could mean for her political future. plus a controversial alcoholic czink now banned in another state.
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the wegman's gros grocery chain. no one was expecting what they saw in a store yesterday. deer. two of them. a buck chased a doe and her fawn into the wegman's store in buffalo. the trio ran through store before jumping out the window and bounding off. the damage they left behind is said to be considerable. that supermarket is closed today because they have a whole lot of repairs to make. >> they look pretty fast. sarah palin's reality tv show debuted last nigh 5 million people watched it making it the top rated series premier in tlc's history. >> the former alaska governor fished and rock climbed during the episode. the question is how will it impact her political future? norah o'donnell takes a loo >> reporter: in the first episode of sarah palin's alaska, the former vice presidential nominee is the ultimate frontiers woman. watching bears restle. >> it was amazing to wach. this mama grizzly, brown bear,
4:45 pm
really, protecting her cubs. >> reporter: fishing for salmon. >> who will catch the first sh? >> reporter: even scaling dangerous glaciers. >> you've always wanted to be a rock climber, sarah. >> was it a rock climber or a rock star? >> reporter: she's a tv star, too with the camera in her home. and her husband pying cameraman and confidante. >> business is about rolling the dice. >> reporter: living next door is joe mcginnis, the investigative journalist. >> they got out there and built a 14-foot fence others could look at and say this is what we need to do to secure our nation's border. >>eporter: mcginn sis writing a book on palin. >> none of his flipping business. >> reporter: they called the eight-part years eights docu-traveling on but the critic see politics involved. >> this is giving campaign advertising for someone who perhaps will have a presidential bid coming up. >> reporter: but is a reality show the way to prove
4:46 pm
presidential readiness? karl rove that no in a recent interview. there are high standards the ameran people have for the presidency and they require a certain level of gravitas. palin's response? >> the standards would have to be high for anyone running. >> reporter: despite t media coverage of her children, she intes the cameras inside her home. although bristol, kurtly seen on abc's dancing with the stars is absence for the first episode, palin's spicy side kick piper takes center stage. >> mom is super busy. she is addicted to the blackbettery. >> reporter: and cameras camp a teenage boy trying to sneak upstairs with palin's 16-year-old daught willow. >> see this gate? it is not just for trig. it is for no boys go upstairs. >> reporter: later this month, palin is heading out on a 16-stop tour in 14 states to
4:47 pm
promote her new book, america by heart. the tour includes two stops in iowa and one in south carolina. the two states key to the republican nomination. nbc news, washington. >> pretty nice pictures ithat show. >> very beautiful landscape. sort of like the pictures you'll show us from outer space? >> exactly. this inasa's pick of the day. i wanted to show you. way up from tracy dyson here on the inteational space station. you can see the clouds and the oceans of blue. the international space station orbits earth about once he 90 minutes. it is t that difficult to see when you have a clear night. it is about 215 mile. the next opportunity to check it out, international space station is thanksgiving morning. november 25th. right now we've got clouds across the area and the temperatures, not too bad in the 50s. we'll drop a couple degrees. game time, 51 to 53 degrees.
4:48 pm
throughout the area, we're doing okay. no rain acrosshe area. you have to head down to the south for tha all the way down around roanoke in danville. light showers advancing north to north eastward. montgomery toward mobile, alabama. i told but the snow out west. ft. collins, denver getting more snow. look at the snow on the ground. in boulder, colorado, 31, the temperature. earlier today it was blowin too, at a wind gust of 32 miles an hour. glad we don't have that. 48o 49. i think there might be some travel delays tomorrow with wet roads, with fog, and slight delays, too, if you're heading out of bwi or out of natural. same thing for raleigh. some flight delays possibly with heavy rains tomorrow morning. down to the mid 20s to upper 30s across the area. by late, expect the high temperature. not 67 but instead, 60 degrees.
4:49 pm
rain is likely tomorrow so it will be wet and windy. it should get that rain out early wednesday. we hang out in the 50s. looking at last weekend, yeah, sunshine. >> a lot of folks had travel plans. coming up, crews search a lake for a missing family today. one day after police find the teenager alive and tied up. plus, why a california teen needed an escort to school. how about hundreds of motorcycles following them? the story stight ahead. coming up, more on donavan mcnabb's new multimillion-dollar de with the skins. plus the fallout wins the the arrest of executive jack johnson and his wife. what that embattled politician ll our crew as he went back to the office. today signing up for a store credit card can save you money at the register. if you're not careful, kit cost you more in the longrun. and a warning for women.
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the popular drink blamed for the death of a maryland woman won't be sold in new rk state. a drink called for loco. it is popular among young people because it has a lot of alcohol and caffeine. last month a 21-year-dwoman died after she drank two can of it. then crashed her car into a
4:53 pm
utility pole. friends blamed the drink. maryland is taking steps to ban it. four other states have already done that. over the week, the company that makes it reached an agreement with new york's governor to stop seing the drink there. a california teenager whose school told them to remove an american flag from his bicycle got a patriotic escort in cssjñá toda+y this morning more than 500 motorcyclists escorted cody to school all riding with flags on their bikes. cody said he was overwhelm by the support. >> all tse people supporting me. >> what do you think of the message? >> i think everyone will remember this. >> school official originally told them to remove the flag after complaints from other students. still aheaon news4, a teenager kidnapped for several
4:54 pm
days, turns up alive. >> police are still trying to find other family means are also kidnapd. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber tics to your home
4:55 pm
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switch to fi today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the vizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. the search continues for her mother, brotr and a family friend. nbc's jay gray has a closer look at the investigation and the suspect.
4:57 pm
>> reporte as s.w.a.t. team members poured into thisohio home suay, they uncovered one piece of a frustrating and frightening puzzle. officers found 13-year-old sarah maynard bound and gagged in the basement. >> sarah is with family members now. she was treated at a local hospital. examinedt a local hospital. and she had been reunited with family members and is doing well. >> reporter: deputies also pulled a suspect from the ho. >> it looked like the s.w.a.t. gu, they busted open the door and a few minutes later they brought a guy out in cuffs putting a guy in a cruiser. >> reporter: that guy is 30-year-old matthew hoffman, arrested on kidnapping charges. investigators are queg offman as they continue their search for sarah's mom. he 10-year-old brother codey and a family friend, stephanie spring, all missing since last wednesday. authorities say evidence o a struggle and blood were found in herman's home and late today acknowledged the tee still
4:58 pm
missing may not be as fortunate as sarah. >> the nature of the evidence, the fact that only one person has been located since last wednesday, you have to be just realistic. you have to be realistic. there is a possibility that these folks e dead. >> reporter: but until there is solid proof, deputies will continue to look for leads and hope for another miraculous discovery. >> everyone, particularly the knox county sheriff's office is hoping for the safe return of stephanie, na and cody. >> reporter: even as they admied time is running out. jay gray, nbc news. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
we have breaking news as the skins prepe to face the eagle. their quarterback, donavan mcnabb, has something to celebrate. it involves being with the skins for a long, long time. his agent says the 33-year-old has agreed to a five-year extension. it is worth $78 million. plus, $40 million guaranteed. we'll have more coming up in a live report from fed-ex field in just a few minutes. our top story, yet another corruption scandal rocks prince george's county. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. nine people including three prince george's county poce officers have been charged today. this me comes just days after the arrest of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife. news4's chris gordon joins us live from greenbelt, maryland work the latest developments. >> reporter: i asked,


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